Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Brief Year in Review

When I decided to post a year in review (like an hour ago) I knew I would need to be brief.  Each year packs so much fun with friends, family, food, swimming, art projects, and so on that sharing it all would be an epic post.  Personally, I don't like to read epic posts; I really don't want to write an epic post.  So I have chosen some highlights.

My fourth book, The Simples Love a Picnic, came out in April 2014.  It got some good press and was even mentioned in the New York Times.  I did a few book events and Curious George was at one of them.

Magoo graduated from elementary school.  He continues to be awesome and my husband and I are kind of blown away - daily - by how sweet, funny, and kind-hearted he is. 

This past summer was Magoo's first trip to the ER.   His face caught a hard frisbee.  Now he has a bad-ass scar.

Our family vacation was to the cabin in Michigan.  I had been to the Sleeping Bear sand dunes as a little girl and hadn't returned until this year.  It is truly amazing how large they are.  Magoo had a blast running down them.

When I moved to Connecticut thirteen years ago, I was given a clipping from my grandmother's night blooming plant.  It's actually kinda a weird looking plant - but it's hearty - and I need a hearty plant.  This was the FIRST TIME I ever saw it bloom and it was gorgeous.  Now, it may have bloomed before - it's sneaky - but I never noticed it.  I was pretty excited to be able to catch this event.

In September, Magoo started middle school and I joined (and helped form) the WeHa Artists Emporium.  We marched in the Park Road Parade and painted while we walked - which is really much harder than any of us anticipated.

My boy and I enjoyed another Halloween: Malificent and the Grimm Reaper were out scaring little children in the neighborhood.  Mwah-ha-ha!

In early November, I spoke at my first book festival.  Yay!  They flew me out, put me up, and everything.  There were major delays on the way home, but it allowed me another first: flying in FIRST CLASS.  I got bumped up.  That had never happened before and unless Hollywood makes one of my books into a major motion picture that blows up the nation (Like Frozen - not like a bomb.  Hi NSA.), I will probably never fly First Class again.  It was nice.  It was.  But as long as the plane takes off and lands safely, I'm cool in coach. 

In December, painted rocks took over my life.  The WeHa Artists Emporium did a town-wide event called FINDERS KEEPERS.  We hid painted rocks all over town and left clues on our Facebook page.  It was an idea to raise awareness of our new group.  Well, it worked!  We now have over 700 members and it was a lot of fun.  I think we started a new tradition, as we plan to do it again next year.  (But only for half the month.  31 days is A LOT.)

I decorated over 100 rocks.  Here's some of them.

We had a lovely holiday season with family and friends.  (Yes, I have a husband too, but he hates to be pictured on the blog.  He exists though.)

And the best part of every year is celebrating my boy's birthday.  Yesterday he turned twelve.  We celebrated with friends at a rope park and with Mama's homemade honey cake.

As I continue to work on book and art projects and learn about promotion and marketing, I sometimes get pulled in all sorts of crazy directions (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) but here I can show a little more of myself and my life, and I appreciate all of you who take the time to "stop in" and visit me.  THANK YOU!  WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST IN 2015!!!

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