Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Whirlwind of Awesome

I have been busy.

I'm kinda always busy, but I've been even busier because the new art group that I'm a founding member of WeHa Artists Emporium has a few things going on and we're getting some buzz.

First, tonight is the opening reception of our first group art show, PRIMO.  If you're in the West Hartford area you should stop by.   It takes place right in the middle of the Holiday Stroll in the Center - so there's going to be lots of festivities in West Hartford tonight.  We're starting at 6pm at Salon Medusa with lots of art from 10 different artists (I'm pictured above with Stefanie Marco and Andres Montiel.)  There will also be wine, treats, and a raffle!

FINDERS KEEPERS has begun and it's going so well - I can't even tell you!  In three days we have hid 15 rocks and most of the people who have found them have posted them on the webpage.

Both the group and FINDERS KEEPERS has been getting a lot of attention.  We have a story coming out in West Hartford Life, the Hartford Courant, there's an online article at, and today Stefanie and I were interviewed by Channel 3 for the evening news.  (I had less than an hour to get ready so it's a good thing my hair was already up in curlers.)

The rock hunt is VERY VERY FUN, so if you're in West Hartford or close by, you can get clues on the webpage and join in.  We'll be hiding over 100 rocks all through December and I know Stefanie and I are both having such a great time hiding them around town.  We feel very sneaky!

Anyway - that's what I've been up to.  And now I have to go make sure I have everything ready for the opening!

Thank you so much for stopping in!  I really appreciate it and I love all the kind comments I get.
Happy Thursday!

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