Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Whole Lot of Cooking Goin' On

I don't love to cook.  I don't.  I prefer baking because I like to eat the treats, but still, I'm not someone who enjoys the process of food preparation.  Still, the holidays aren't the holidays to me without some serious time in the kitchen.  So far, in the past two weeks I have made cookies and brownies for the  neighbor gift boxes, Magoo-safe cookies (above), Jewish meatballs for a Hanukkah party (below), Nana Pam's ice cream pie...

... Magoo put together a gingerbread house, which he can't eat, but it's a tradition he enjoys ...

... and a chocolate avacado cake.

I don't know if most cats like avacado, but Java goes nuts for it.  If we don't watch her, she'll steal it out of our salads.  She also is fond of baked goods, so this is a double temptation for her.  I only let her stay on the table long enough for me to get a shot of the longing in her eyes, then she got the boot.

I've finally finished painting rocks.  Now I've finished the pre-baking.  I still have to figure out what special treat we'll have for Christmas morning breakfast.  Otherwise, I'm in good shape!

THANK YOU so much for stopping in.  I truly appreciate it!
Wishing you happy holidays!

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