Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 (Xmas with The Punisher)

Oh, it was a wonderful morning for the little Punisher - lots of goodies under the tree!  Actually, it's just Magoo.  One of the first things he opened was this Punisher hat/mask that I bought him last minute when I was at Party City picking up fancy toothpicks.  I figured it would be good for the bus stop.  If it's warm, wear the flap up.  If it's cold, put the flap down.  He LOVES it.  I have lots of recent pictures with the Punisher. (Below)

Back to Christmas.
But he had to put the flap up to eat breakfast.  This year I made donuts.  Mmmmmm donuts.

The astronaut T-shirt was a gift.  He'd seen something similar on The Flash and said, "That's a cool shirt."  I think that was the first time I'd ever heard him comment on fashion he liked, so I went on the internet to find one STAT.  Santa brought a nice Lego set from The Lego Movie and he got a bunch of other gadgets like a hovermax, some nice headphones, DS games, and a bunch of graphic novels.  Christmas is good to you when you're the only kid.

It was a lovely mild day so the whole family went on a nice walk (to hide rocks for Finders Keepers.)  This is how Mike and Magoo walk these days, constantly trying to shove the other off the sidewalk.  Magoo's getting bigger and bigger each day - it won't be long before Mike doesn't stand a chance.

My sister-in-law Pat got me some lovely earrings and a scarf, but she couldn't make it due to illness, so I took a selfie to send to her.   I love that shade of green!  Poppy was kind enough to model Java's Santa hat for me. (Although she clearly didn't want to.)

Gramma and Auntie Pam came to have Christmas dinner with us and play Wii games.  And at the end of the evening, Magoo got a giant Auntie smooch!

It was a great Christmas.

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shirley said...

All sounds lovely and fun! My vote for best pic goes to "Punisher on Park Bench" :-D