Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving and the Weather

 Hi all!  I love Thanksgiving because we have a big family event and Magoo gets to hang out with his many cousins.

These kids are so good.  They humor me every year by posing for a photograph.  Here is this year's shot (and a couple previous ones.  Can you match the kids?)

I missed a couple kids on the wood pile.  They simply weren't having it.  And the bottom shot is a bit of a cheat because it's not Thanksgiving, but it did remind me that Magoo liked to show off his studly chest.

Another wonderful thing about Thanksgiving is pie.  Pie!  Pie!  Pie!  I married into a family that knows how to bake a pie.  Normally I get a small slice of apple and a small slice of lemon, but this year they had pumpkin pie.  I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE!  So after helping to pass the slices out, I chowed down.  Mmmmm.

We got our first snow the day before Thanksgiving.  It was just enough to muck up travel for anyone leaving on Wednesday, but it didn't cause issues for Thursday travelers.  (Thank goodness.)  And now it's gone - thank you mild weather.

I'm not anti-snow, but it's only November, for crying out loud.  And believe me, I'm not complaining.  I could be in Buffalo!  Yikes!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and safe travels!  Lots of fun art stuff happening this week.  More on that later.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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