Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yes, More Rocks

I know, I know.  More rocks.  But it's what I've been doing lately. 

I'm really, really thrilled with how well FINDERS KEEPERS has gone over in my town of West Hartford.  But I know that when I speak to the other artists involved we're thinking 15 days will be plenty next year.  31 days of this is A LOT.  It's hard to maintain the momentum.  Also, when you're the "Hider" for the day, you really have to be on Facebook a lot to give people hints and congratulate the winners and thank people for posting.  You're kinda like a FINDERS KEEPERS Cheerleader that day.  It's time consuming.

This is the last batch of rocks I've made.  I'm definitely into the clay additives these days.  I got tired of just painting.  And I'm all kinds of in love with the Gnome Homes (above.)  They're like a fairy tale version of Tiny Towns.  But painting those teeny mushrooms is a bit of a challenge!

 I've been lucky enough to make a little cash off this adventure.  I made so many rocks for FINDERS KEEPERS - I think my last count was 90 - that I put some up for sale at a salon in town.  Now locals who haven't been able to find a rock, can go into town and buy one.

Now I'm hoping to move away from rock art - if only for a bit.  I've had SO MUCH FUN with this project and painting nearly 100 rocks will give you some new skills and insight on the art form, but I'm ready for a rock-free vacation.  I think 2015 will be the year of printmaking for me.  I've always loved printmaking, but I've never really taken the time to learn it properly.  We'll see.

Thanks for stopping in!
HAPPY HANUKKAH to my Jewish friends!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!

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