Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adventures in Printmaking: Armadillo Collagraph

It started with a Pin. 

I usually have Magoo make some art for his aunts for Christmas and I had just seen this Pin (below) on Pinterest.  I have always loved Printmaking, although I have very little experience in it.  So I thought this would be a good project to start with Magoo.  If it worked out, I would try one of my own.

You see, they made the design with glue.  I have glue!

Magoo settled on an image of an armadillo and drew it on a piece of spare matboard.  Then he "traced" the pencil with Elmer's glue.

We let that dry completely - 2 days.  Then I coated it with varnish and let that dry.
Then he painted the background and armadillo body with water-based printmaking inks and we rolled black ink over the top glue design.

Here's a shot of Magoo pulling the print off the "plate."  He wasn't able to pick up most of the color within the body of the armadillo, but he got some nice texture in the background.

The directions from the site where we got the Pin stated that the artists filled in the collagraph with colored pencil after it had dried, so that's what Magoo did too.

This is the end result.  (He did three prints in total.  The other good one is at the top of the post.) I think they turned out pretty nice.

NEXT TIME on ADVENTURES IN PRINTMAKING.  I try this technique with a simple tree design.  Spoiler: It does not go well.

Happy 2015!