Monday, January 19, 2015

Color Series: Green Frog

Green Frog                  2015                j. c. phillipps

I have a show coming up in March in the Children's Department of our town library.  I booked the show before I had a single piece of art I wanted to display.  Sure, I could have popped up some stuff that I have lying around, but it's one wall and it's all mine.  I wanted a brand spankin' new collection that was fun for the environment and cohesive.

After some brainstorming, I decided to do another color series.  Only this time they are BIGGER and they will all feature animals.  (This is the previous color series.)

If nothing else, I just love how these things look on a wall.  So bold and colorful.  But that's me thinking about the collection as a group.  Each, of course, has to be a stand-along singular piece of art.

I was most inspired by a green frog, so I started there.  Actually, I started with a completely different idea for a green frog, but then I did some frog research on Pinterest and came across this...

Untitled portrait (frog man), 2007, by Japanese artist & illustrator Akitaka Ito (b 1979). via the artist's site

... painting by Akitaka Ito.  I thought it was so great and I got so excited about it, I changed my original sketches and reworked the collage to what it became.

So, in addition to all the pieces featuring animals, I think all the animals will be anthropomorphic as well.  Fun, fun!

Thanks so much for stopping in!  I hope you're having a good Martin Luther King Day!

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