Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Days

Hi all -

If you've been watching the weather forecasts and you know that I live in Connecticut, perhaps you are wondering how much snow we got.

Not much.

I mean, it definitely snowed overnight, and I guess the Eastern side of Connecticut is up to about 20", but I think we (in the Hartford area) got closer to 6".  So, yanno, a nice snow.

Mike went out and shoveled this morning, but since I have yet to venture outside (it's only 8:17am) I'm just going to post some of the snow shots that I took on Sunday after our first good snow of the season.

After two months of brown, dead grass and leftover leaves, it's so nice to have a pretty winter house.

Magoo is twelve now, so - being the manly man that he is - he went out and shoveled the walk and driveway with me.  But he's still a boy, too, so he also made a snowman.

Later, when we all went sledding, it was fun to see the other snowmen in the neighborhood.
(It was really good packing snow and everyone was excited to finally get some.)

And it was good sledding snow, too.

We have a lovely little hill in our neighborhood, so we inflated the new sleds, trekked over, and had a great time sledding in the sunshine.  The snow was fresh, the sun was out - it was a perfect winter day to go outside and play.

Today... not so much.  The wind is mighty bitter.  But I'm happy to have pretty white snow in winter, to have a cozy snow day in my little house with my menfolk, and to have electricity.

Hope you're all cozy wherever you are!
Thanks for stopping in!

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