Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Writing Workshop at Webster Hill

Today I had the lovely pleasure of starting my 3-day Artist-in-Residence Program at Webster Hill School.  My main focus was to help the students learn some techniques to build teeny crumbs of ideas into big meaty ideas with good structure and potential.

I started the day with a whole-school presentation and was thrilled to get to wear one of those pop-star microphone headsets.  (You have to love the little pleasures.)  After that, I did two writers' workshops with the fourth grades.  The kids had A LOT of really great, creative ideas.

I also worked in a drawing class with the First Grade.  They wowed me with their fabulous Monkey Ono portraits.

And I squeezed in a reading time with the Pre-K's.  So, so cute.

One of the fourth graders was working on a story idea about a monster, and I spied this fabulous drawing she had done.  Isn't it great?

I had a wonderful time today and I learned a lot about the workshops from my unknowing guinea pigs.  Now I must make a couple adjusts and go once more unto the breach!

BIG THANKS to all the parents at Webster Hill who helped raise money for my visit!  You rock!  Your kids rock!  And BIG THANKS to all the teachers and staff at Webster Hill who are so gracious and supportive and awesome!

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Leandra Wallace said...

How neat and fun and inspiring, I'm sure!