Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hartford Sled Derby

I like to be inside.  I like outside too, but all my arts and crafts and couch and snacks and TV are inside, so I generally stay in.

But when I do go out, I'm usually glad I did.  And I was SO GLAD that I went out this past Saturday and participated in the Hartford Sled Derby!

Photo by Carl Lantz

My friend Stefanie and I went as two paint brushes and a palette to represent the WeHa Artists Emporium.  The sled was painted, but there wasn't a whole lot of "construction" to it.  Now that I've  seen some sleds, I understand that making a sled for this thing is all about the cardboard and duct tape.  I was glad we didn't wipe out, but wiping out is part of the fun.  I think next year, our design may be more built up and we will factor in helmets.
Photo by Steven Yau

See this one.  Very built up.  Very big wipe out.

These guys had a beautiful polar bear.  So lovely.  And then they all came tumbling down the hill.

Those were some of the best sleds, but there were simple ones too.  One guy tried to go down in nothing but an IKEA chair.  One lady went down on what looked like a sleeping bag banana peel.
Sideways garbage cans were very popular vehicles.  (But round sleds turn and roll.  No thanks.  No barrel rolls for my noodle.)

Everyone there was having a great time and was so supportive of everyone's sleds and wipe-outs.  It was thrilling and the hill was filled with a great positive energy.

We didn't get a trophy - which, I'll be honest, was a little disappointing. 
The Hartford Sled Derby is certainly not about getting a trophy.  But I firmly believe that if you want a trophy and you think you deserve a trophy, then - by golly - go ahead and make your own.

So I did.  I mounted a little clay sled on top of a metal canister filled with chocolate.  We were the only art supply sled there, so it's OK to say we were the Best.  We were!

Photo by Stefanie Marco

I awarded it to Stefanie.  So I got twice the fun - make a trophy and give a trophy.  And, of course, there was some leftover chocolate for me too.  :)

If you want to see more photos of all the great sleds, click here.  And if you're in the Hartford area next year, consider coming along.  It was a lot of fun for young and old.

In other news,
There's a lot of snow here, but we are surviving.
Boston has way more, so we moan, but I think we're all happy that we don't live in Boston right now.

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Be warm!

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