Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hare Mask

Photo from Etsy of Wintercroft Hare Mask

Not too long ago, I was on Etsy looking around, when I came across this mask.  I thought it was very cool and I loved that you could buy the template for $7 and make it yourself.  At the time, I didn't need a big hare mask, but I bookmarked it.  (The mask is from Wintercroft and they have a ton of them.  Very cool.  Check it out.)

Soon after that, I started making clay bunnies for the Bunnies & Blooms project I'm doing next month with the WeHa Artists Emporium.  I thought, Hey Julie, if you make a big hare mask, you could take some publicity photos in town for the event.  This was a good enough excuse.  I bought the template, printed it up on card stock, and constructed it.  It took about 2 hours.

Magoo poses in the Hare mask I constructed

I knew I wanted to paint it, so I carefully paper mache'd it first with lunch sacks and Mod Podge.
It took more than two hours to paper mache, but that's OK.

(If I were to do this again, I would print the template up on thinner paper, glue that to harder cardboard, and skip the paper mache part.)

Hare mask after paper mache

After it was paper mache'd, I painted it with acrylic paint in blacks, greys, and whites. 
Then I went out on the town with my artist friend Stefanie Marco, and she got some great shots.

Photo by Stefanie Marco
Photo by Stefanie Marco
I don't know if anything will come of these photos.  We've sent them out to the local press to advertise the event, but some things get ink and some things don't.  We'll definitely be able to use them on Facebook.  Stefanie and I had a lot of fun taking them and I think she did a wonderful job.  If nothing else, we have some photographic art!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope it's getting warm and Springy wherever you are!

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Leandra Wallace said...

Very neat! You did a terrific job. Even thinking of trying to something like this terrifies me. Me and DIY only jive if it's VERY simple. Great pictures, too! I hope it gets picked up.