Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Portrait of My Son & Other Goings-On

2015  j. c. phillipps

Hi all!  Sorry I have been lax on the blogging front.  Lots has been going on.

First off, I just finished a portrait of my son who's now 12.  I went back into my watercolor archives to see all the portraits I've done of him.  Many are OK, but there are three that I really like.  This last one qualifies as Top Three.  Right now I have it in the living room so I can stare at it.  So far it's passing the multiple stare test of time.

It's funny how one's perception of a painting can change over time.  There are paintings that I don't like and I tuck them away.  I may discover them a year later and think, "Oh hey - that's actually pretty good."  And there are others that I really like when I'm done and over time I notice things that are uneven or not as vibrant as I wish they were.  But the good ones ... I always like the good ones no matter when I look at them.

So there's that.

In other news:  Bunnies & Blooms has been announced in town and we're starting to spread the word.  What is Bunnies & Blooms? you ask.  Well, it's a "treasure" hunt that the WeHa Artists Emporium is doing on April 11th.  Local artists have contributed bunny and bloom themed art and are hiding the pieces in a secret location, to be revealed on April 11th, and then anyone who wants to go find some bunnies & blooms can!  All free! 

We're trying to have a nice array of finds from kid friendly softies to more adult friendly mixed media pieces.  Here are a few examples:

Some of the 100 clay bunnies by Julie Phillipps

Bloom Bowl by Hannah Dunnack Jackson

Mixed Media Blooms by Stefanie Marco

Bunnie Softies by Julie Phillipps
 If you're in the West Hartford, CT area and you want to take place in the fun, know that it will start at 9am on Saturday April 11th (April 18th is the raindate.)  The trick is: we won't announce the exact location until 9am because we don't want early birds.  We will post the exact location in town on our Facebook Group Page (WeHa Artists Emporium) and on the event page (Bunnies & Blooms.)

The other unrelated thing that has been keeping me pretty busy is Skype Author Visits.  A couple months ago I signed up with Skype in the Classroom for a literacy campaign that was to last from mid-February to April.  They were hoping I'd do 4 - 6 author visits.  I think I did 25.  Actually, the whole campaign went really well, so they're just keeping that happy train rolling.

 On one hand Skype visits are great because I don't have to worry about driving or directions or any of the hassle.  On the other hand if I don't schedule the visits well, I will waste a day having to be at the computer for visits every 45 minutes.  Plus, 30 minute Skype visits are free, so I don't get paid. That's a bummer.  BUT - my books and my name gets out to that many more kids and teachers and schools - YAY - so it all evens out in the end, I think. 

I have learned that it's better to have 3 Skypes in one day than one Skype each on three days.  If I cluster them, I may lose one work day, but then I'll have two others with no interruptions. Plus, I'll have two days where I don't have to worry about how my hair looks.  :)

Well, that's what I've been up to.

Thanks so much for stopping in and paying me a cyber visit!
I hope that Spring has sprung wherever you are!  (We're working on it here.)

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