Monday, April 13, 2015

Bunnies & Blooms

Saturday was our artists group event, Bunnies & Blooms, and it couldn't have gone better.  If you don't know, Bunnies & Blooms has been something we at the WeHa Artists Emporium have been planning for a couple months.  Six local artists, including myself, have been making bunny and bloom themed art to hide in town on Saturday.  People knew it was happening, but the location was secret until the day of the event.

At 7am, the hiders: Stefanie, Megan, Hannah, Magoo and I gathered in the town center and hid the goodies all around.  Since I had 100 little clay bunnies, it took me and my helper a little over an hour to hide them all.

Here are some shots of art in the wild:
Bloom by Stefanie Marco, Soft Bunny by me, Bloom Bowl by Hannan Dunnack Jackson, Clay Bunny by me
At 9am, I posted the location of the event and got back in my car to go back into town and check it out.  Stefanie was a great papparazzi, running up to anyone with a bunny or bloom and getting a shot.
By 9:45 I think it was all over.   Blooms and Bunnies had been claimed!

Lucky bunny and bloom finders.  Photos by Stefanie Marco.

It was a GORGEOUS day - one of the first nice Saturdays of 2015.  People were so happy to be out with the family finding goodies.  And it was nice to run into some friends as well!

My friend, Adrian, and her daughter both found some treasures.
Bunnies & Blooms was such a fun event.  If you want to see more pics, check out Stefanie's Bunnies & Blooms album on Facebook.

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Happy Spring!

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