Thursday, April 30, 2015

CT + 6 at the West Hartford Art Leauge

A Pair of Koi 2015               j. c. phillipps
This last weekend was the opening of the CT + 6 Show at the West Hartford Art League.  I don't usually enter too many art shows - I'm too busy with book projects.  But this year I had some time and I thought it is good to have small goals (like one piece in a show) rather than trying to make a bunch of stuff at once for the November Open Studio.  So I painted some koi.

I did a nice big one that I am very happy with.  (Above.)  Although I must confess that I've painted so many koi fish that I'm running out of decent names for them.  Often I have to include the year.  :)

The show, which features art from artists all over New England and New York, was fabulous.  Beautiful works that I barely got to see because it was so dang crowded. 

"Too crowded" is a good problem for an art opening.  But it did mean I couldn't linger on any one piece for too long. But that was a bonus for the men that I dragged along with me.  I, smartly, packed a frisbee so they could ditch if I found myself chatting with someone.  However, it was too crowded even for that.

Some beautiful art was seen, a cupcake was eaten, a frisbee was thrown, and then we left.

The piece above,  The Game by Elisabeth McBrien, won Best in Show.  I agree.  It's a stunning piece that my photograph doesn't really capture.

If you're in the West Hartford, CT area, come check out the show!

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