Friday, May 15, 2015

Game of Thrones Art

Jon Snow                2015              j. c. phillipps

Sometimes I like to make art that has more of a pop culture feel to it than my watercolors and collages.  Just-for-fun art.  I did zombies a few years ago and tattoo people last year.  Visitors at the art show always enjoy these pieces, but I rarely sell the originals.  It makes sense.  People don't want to spend $100 on something their friend Ginny might like because she's into The Walking Dead.  That said, people will spend $20 or less on a print or a pack of cards.

Because I am all about Game of Thrones and that show isn't going anywhere, I thought I'd do some Game of Thrones art.

I had to think about what style I wanted to do them in, and I decided I'd do "loose Book of Kells."

from The Book of Kells

I'd done some Book of Kells style art about a decade ago after honeymooning in Ireland and seeing the real book.  It's beautiful and amazing.  And - I assemble the art digitally - which means there's no expensive original that won't sell anyway.  Perfecto.

Pieces of Jon Snow

I start off with a black line drawing, then scan it into the computer.  I added Jon Snow and the crow first.  I thought the image was a little lacking, so then I added his direwolf, Ghost.  After I scan, I assemble the image in Photoshop and add color.  I use the animal (in this case the crow*)  in two places, in the corner of the border & I recolor and enlarge the image for some added detail in the background.  (I take the opacity of the background image down to about 50%.)  I make the white background transparent so I can add the image of scanned parchment paper to the bottom layer.

(* Yes, I know that Jon Snow is technically from House Stark, but I already had Arya from House Stark so I thought I'd go with a crow for the Night's Watch for variety.)

I cheat a bit by uploading celtic ropes from clip art on the internet.  Drawing that stuff is complicated and time consuming.  Since I won't be charging a lot of money for them, it's not cost effective to design and draw all those knots.

Arya Stark            2015               j. c. phillipps
 I add the red dots digitally.  Not all the art in the Book of Kells has the red dots, but some of them do.  To me, they are a perfect detail for a show that's so bloody.

Daenerys Targaryen         2015        j. c. phillipps
 I've started with four of my favorite characters so I can make them into a pack of cards - but I've had so much fun on this project, I might make more before the November show.  (Hodor.)

Tyrion Lannister           2015           j. c. phillipps

I hope you all are enjoying Spring!  (I had to wash my blue car yesterday because it was yellow with pollen.)
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shirley said...

These are great! Brienne and Stannis, please! ;-)

Scott Sauyet said...

I was hoping to see these on !