Monday, May 11, 2015

Magoo's Clarinet Concert

Last week, Magoo had his final concert.  It is his final, because he is done with the clarinet.  He did three years of it, and I am proud of him for that.  He learned an instrument, he practiced, he took both group lessons and private lessons, he had a few concerts (and there is one parade remaining) and now he's done.

I remember taking flute in 5th and 6th grade.  I liked it well enough, but there was no real love between me and my flute.  Before that, I took piano.  I used to ride my bike down the street to my instructor's house.  She was a little old lady who's name I forget, but the piano room is very clear in my mind.  It was paneled with wood and decorated in a Native American theme. She had dolls, weavings, drums, the whole shi-bang.  I liked playing the piano better than the flute, and the piano lessons still come in handy when looking at music.  But still, I don't ache for a piano.

Now I play the ukelele.  Not well.  I can do a decent rendition of Riptide, but it's just for fun.  Just for me.  Just because I want to.

That's how I want music to be for Magoo.

If he should want to learn another instrument, he knows he can.  We have a guitar in the house, a clarinet, a ukelele, and a nice keyboard.  Maybe he'll want to be in a garage band someday.  Maybe he'll never want to play an instrument again. 

But he had the experience and learned some things along the way.  It's good enough for him and it's good enough for me too.

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It's crazy hot here today - too hot - but the temps should drop back down to normal soon.
Happy belated Mother's Day to the wonderful mothers out there!


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