Sunday, May 17, 2015

Magoo's Meet

Magoo had a swim meet today and he CRUSHED it!  His swim group isn't well attended in the Spring season, which means he got to participate in a lot of the events today.  

He came in first in the 50 meter butterfly and 50 meter breast stroke.  He finished strong in a bunch of other ones that I can't remember because I was too busy trying to get a good photo instead of writing these things down.

I have to say that he's come a long way. He's always been a good swimmer, but now he's a very strong swimmer - very graceful.  His strokes are so much more efficient than they used to be.
It's lovely to watch.

So BIG CONGRATS to Magoo for good races and good sportsmanship!
I'm so proud of you and I know that you are proud of yourself!

Thanks for stopping in!
Have a great weekend!

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G. S. said...

So proud of you! Great job. Magoo!!!!