Saturday, July 11, 2015

Art Camp, Week 1: Native American Wonders

First week of art camp at the West Hartford Art League is done.

I had a lovely group of twelve young ladies for Native American week, where I read Native American stories and all the art projects had a Native American connection.

(Above) There are three different classes in the Clubhouse Gallery at the Art League.  Two of those classes are in art rooms.  My classroom is in the gallery.  Here's what the set up looks like.

(Below)  A couple young artists pose with their Pattern Pots.

I read a story called Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back, which is a collection of poems about the different seasons, and we did a wax resist/watercolor project where we painted turtles.

The wax resist crayon really helps the students keep the spaces separate, so they can mix the watercolors in small sections and not get a big oval of brown goop.

 Printmaking with kids this young (5 and 6 yr olds) is challenging.  It's a big project with a lot of instruction, a lot of set up, a steady neat hand, and a lot of clean up.  But I love printmaking and I love to give the students a nice range of projects throughout the week.  Besides, they always so a great job.

(Above) A student pulls a print.
(Below)  Finished projects.  Totem Pole Prints.

After all the work and mess of printmaking, I like to do something a little easier - collage.  Sure, there are small pieces of paper to cut and clean up, but it's nothing compared to printmaking.  We finished the week with a book called Beardream - a lengthy discussion on bears (the girls had a lot to say about them) - and a Pacific Northwest style bear collage.

It was a great week and I'll miss this lively group of girls.  (It's kinda nice for me to be around girls.  I have a boy and he has boy friends - so it's Nerf guns, video games, and Legos at my house.  And I love boys - but sometimes it's nice to be around some pink ruffled tu-tu's too.)

Three weeks to go!

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I hope you're having a lovely summer!

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