Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Kimono Slippers

It has been humid.  When it is humid the only cool place in the house is the basement.  Therefore, I decided to find a sewing project to do down there.  I was looking for a dress or skirt or something, but I came across these sweet kimono slippers on Pinterest.

Actually, I didn't come across these slippers - I made these slipper.  But I came across the pattern.  Here it is.

I think there are a few patterns out there and I read one lady made two pairs in an hour.  Kudos to you, magic sewing lady.  I'd say these took me closer to 90 minutes from "Hey, I'll make these kimono slippers" - to - finished.

I used cotton for the insides and nice IKEA canvas for the outside, and they're great for sporting around the house and not getting floor-dirt all over my feet.  :) 

So if you're feeling crafty and have some fabric and some time - give them a go!

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