Friday, August 7, 2015

Captiva Island Vacation

We just got back from a lovely vacation on Captiva Island.  (It's right off of Fort Myers, Florida - just north of Sanibel Island.)

We stayed at a lovely resort called 'Tween Waters Inn.  When I first heard of it, I thought it was a place that catered to tween, so I thought Oh hey - Magoo might like this.  But it's actually called 'Tween Waters because it's situated between the Gulf of Mexico and another body of water called the Pine Island Sound.  I must admit, it was very nice to walk across the street and swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  Very nice, indeed.

It was actually unusually rough in the Gulf.  Normally, at this time of year, the winds come in off the Atlantic and hits the East coast of Florida.  For some reason, the winds were coming from the West, though.  It meant the snorkeling wasn't great.  But the waves were great fun.

We took a Sanibel Cruise Line boat ride up to Caya Coasta, which was a highlight of the trip.

  Our captain, Captain Jack, would stop the boat and tell us about the islands and the birds.  We found some dolphins who loved to jump in the boat's waves.

Then we dropped anchor off a remote island for some watersports.  We all enjoyed paddle boarding.

Another fun activity on Captiva was shell hunting.  This is our haul from day one.

By the third and fourth day, we were getting kind a picky.  The boys were actually really good about finding gorgeous conch shells, but they often had inhabitants.  (Most of the mollusks would recede into the shell.  I found one and I swear that sucker was coming out to fight me for it.  Don't worry, little guy.  We're not going to steal your home.)

Mike even found a shell with a hermit crab!

I spotted lots of cranes and pelicans...

.. and towards the end of the trip, when the water in the Gulf had calmed down, we enjoyed the occasional dolphin swim-by.

Twice we saw something that I will swear was a manatee.  Mike doubts me.  But it was big, smooth, fat, dark grey, and it did not resurface like a dolphin.  Dolphins popped up every 20 seconds or so.  These mysterious creatures were a one-spotting-and-then-gone kind of deal.  (Heh-hem ... Manatees.)

Our days were pretty simple: Breakfast, shell hunt, swim in the Gulf, lunch, some activity, dinner, swim in the Gulf, swim in the pool, retire for the evening.  We were even glad that it was overcast the first couple of days, because when the sun did come out - MAN OH MAN was it hot!  Still, if you got too hot, just jump into the Gulf.   (Oh and we used TONS of sunscreen.)

Our final night, Mike and I went out to admire the sunset.

It was a really fun, relaxing vacation.
And now we are happy to be back home with out kitty who missed us.

Hope you're all having a great summer so far!
Thanks so much for stopping in.

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