Monday, September 7, 2015

Making Monsters

I have a new project.  Making Monsters.

The art hunts that my group the WeHa Artists Emporium have been doing in the past year have become popular.   We were invited to four events this autumn.  Of course, all of the groups want art hunts and art hunts ultimately mean a group of artists do a lot of work for free.  So, whereas it's very flattering to be asked, we - as a group - declined.

But I love Halloween, so I accepted one of the invitations - to the Halloween Stroll - as an individual artist.

My plan is to make 30 monsters for the hunt, then have extras for sale.

Here are some of my clay ones.

And here are a couple monster softies.

So far, I'm having a pretty good time in my mad scientist monster lab. :)

Hope you're all having a nice Labor Day Weekend!
Thanks for stopping in.


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Leandra Wallace said...

They're all so cute! Especially the monster softies.