Monday, September 14, 2015

New Artsy Webpage

Can you believe we live in a time where I needed a second webpage?

I mean, I already have this blog, an author webpage, a Facebook Page, a Facebook Author Page, an Instagram, and a Twitter account.  But no - I needed a webpage just for my art.  You know why?  People kept asking me about it.  "Do you have an online gallery?"  "Where can I see your art?"  and I didn't have one.  Well - I do now.

Photo by Phyllis Meredith

There's an About Page - so this is the pic I used.  This is from a photo shoot I did with a wonderful photographer Phyllis Meredith a couple years ago.

I made the page on Wix.Com.  It was pretty freaking easy.  You just find a template that works for you and pop your stuff in.  I did not freak out once.  Not once!  (And, more importantly, I did not ask my husband for help.)

Now I have a place to show off my watercolors, collages, and all of the other fun stuff I do from time to time.  Here are a few of the pieces I featured.

Green Frog       collage by J. C. Phillipps

Pair of Koi 2015    Watercolor by J. C. Phillipps

Red Barn Under a Grey Sky    watercolor by J. C. Phillipps

Yeti Monster         Softie by J. C. Phillipps

Polar Bear             Rock Art by J. C. Phillipps

In other news I am officially done making 30 monsters for the Halloween Stroll Monster Hunt in town.  I promised 30.  I've made 30.  Now, I will make more to sell.  It's not a high profit art sale, but I should make enough money to cover the supplies I bought and a little extra scratch.

The heat has passed and we are into some glorious 70's.  Ahhhhhhh.  Autumn!  My favorite season!
(And I've almost finished the poncho I've been knitting.)

Magoo and I have seen a few movies recently:
The Babadook (on Netflix)  - Ooooooo so creepy.  So scary.   We stopped watching every time it got too intense.  It took us three days to finish it.  It's about a single mom at her wits end with her high-energy boy who finds a very creepy picture book.

The Gift (in theaters) - Really good and slightly creepy psychological thriller.  Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall play a married couple that moves back to Bateman's hometown where they meet a man who knew Bateman in high school - and this dude is clingy.  I screamed twice - but it's not a horror film.  It's a thriller.

Mad Max: Fury Road (Amazon on Demand) - Do you watch movies and think "I want more car chases in the desert!"  Well, this is the movie for you.  It was 85% car chases in the desert.  And they put Max in so they could call it a Mad Max movie, but it's really Charlize Theron's story.  You could totally do it without Max - and that's kinda a negative issue for me.  But - it was OK.  And there were definitely some cool cars, cool stunts, and you gotta love a truck with an dangling electric guitar player who's instrument shoots fire.

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Check out the new webpage is you want to see more art - all in one place!

Have a great week!

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