Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Hodor Challenge

Hodor Doll                  Julie Phillipps

Hi all!  As some of you may know, Open Studio Hartford is next weekend (Nov. 14 &15) and this year I am featuring some Game of Thrones artwork.  I also tend to make some cute softies of some of my characters, little ninjas and such.  These are not huge sellers, but I think they are lovely and look good in my area.  Sometimes a person buys a book and a softie to go with it.  It makes a nice gift.

Anyway - this year I thought I might make a Game of Thrones softie - just for fun.    Hodor seemed like the best choice.  The character lends himself to softie interpretation.   But, since it would be highly unlikely that this piece will sell (based on the asking price the amount of work will demand), I gave myself a challenge.  I'm allowed purchase a single thing to make it.  Everything I use, I have to already have.

So I went into the basement where I keep the fabric stash ...

... and found enough peach, black, and a variety of grays to get the job done.  Some of them were not the perfect fabric, but I did have enough to make do.   Then I made a pattern...

So far so good.  I sewed up Hodor's body easily enough.  The trickiest part was the hair.  I used a scrap of warm grey faux suede that I had been given and it was a little difficult to hand sew to the head.  Patience and a sharp needle prevailed.

I didn't have enough of the textured grey fabric that I loved for Hodor's tunic, so I made it out of a flat grey that I had.  I cut a front panel of the textured grey and sewed it on front.  I made a collar out of the textured grey as well.  It gave it a nice, layered look.  Sewing clothes for dolls kind of blows.  I hate turning all of the hems.  But Hodor is supposed to look a little shaggy, so I could let all the frays hang loose.  Yippee!

I finished him off with a strip of faux suede as a belt and some leather laces tied around his boots.

Hodor Doll                  Julie Phillipps

Hodor took 4 1/2 hours to make.  I plan to ask $80 for him, which is a very good hourly rate for my work, but I would be highly surprised if he sold.  When people see a doll, they think Toys R Us factory-made doll prices.  They don't then to think artisan and craft.  But that's just as well, I kind of love him.

If you're in the Hartford area next weekend, come give Hodor a squeeze at
Open Studio Hartford
Artspace Building, First Floor
555 Asylum Ave
Nov. 14 - 15
11 - 5pm

Have a great weekend!

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