Thursday, November 5, 2015

Your Own Personal Tim Gunn

I love Project Runway.  I've always liked fashion - but that's not the reason I love this show.  I love it for two reasons.

1.  To me, it is the more accurate portrayal of what it is to be a creative person working in a creative field.  Sure, I don't have an editor that tells me I have 2 days to create a picture book with only characters found in a hardware store.  But I do struggle with ideas, how to execute them, whether my idea is good or awful.  I get judged - sometimes rather harshly - and it's on me to decide what criticism to take and when to stand my ground on a project.  I have highs when I feel I am rocking the world and lows when I feel I have completely failed or I wonder why I can't catch a break. I understand what the designers go through, and I'm sure other creative professionals do as well.

2.  I love Tim Gunn.  Time Gunn is the special sauce that makes that show a cut above the rest.  He is knowledgeable, critical with kindness, and supportive.  He may be a designer's cheerleader, or a sounding board, or the voice of reason.  But no matter what he says to each designer, you understand that all he wants to do is help them be their best.  It's awesome and rare.

I decided I need my own Tim Gunn.  So I made one.

When I'm having trouble with a story, I will imagine My Own Tim Gunn saying, "Make it work!"

When I am editing, Tim Gunn will remind me "To use your critical eye."

But no matter what project I'm working on, I will have My Own Tim Gunn standing close, giving me a small smile, and encouraging me to do my best.

Do you want your own Tim Gunn?  Download my template and make your own!  (Mine is 6" tall. Printed on white card stock.)

My Own Tim Gunn by J. C. Phillipps

Have a great day!
Enjoy this glorious November weather!

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Sarah Pecorino Illustration said...

Love him. Thanks for sharing your motivational icon :)