Monday, January 25, 2016

Swimmer Boy

We'd had a bit of a break from swim meets due to Christmas and scheduling.  But yesterday, we were back at it.

Magoo swam in five events: #8, #16, #32, #41, and #68.  I was a timer for the first half of the meet - which, as always, I strongly recommend. In addition to keeping me busy, I get to be up close to get some action shots from the starting point.

Magoo did great.  His stroke has improved.  His turns have improved.  His speed has improved.
On the final event of the whole meet, Magoo was the last man in a 200 yd freestyle relay.  It was over before Magoo even got in the water, but man, did he swim.  Even though the race was lost, he motored through that water like a torpedo.  It was exciting to watch.

I'm so glad Magoo has chosen swimming as his sport.  It's fantastic for me to see him shine in an activity, but I also really enjoy the discipline and sportsmanship of it.   At the end of each event, the kids shake hands with the swimmers in the next lanes and then they all get out together.  Sure, some kids are a wee bit too competitive.  But, for the most part, the swimmers are gracious to each other and it's more about improving your own skills than beating anyone else.

In other news:

It snowed!  Finally!  We didn't get slammed.  It was just a nice snowing of about 6 inches.  I had to get up early to shovel since we needed to be out the door by 8am.  But by the time I was done and back in the house, Magoo was up and making pancakes.

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I hope you have a lovely week!

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