Monday, February 29, 2016

NinjaWoman Designs on Zazzle!

Awhile ago, my husband created a Javascript library with a friend of his called Ramda.  If you don't know what a Javascript library is, that's ok.  It's computer guy stuff.  I entered the picture because my husband wanted help with a logo.  He designed it, but I helped execute it.

It looks like this:

Then, because Ramda kinda took off, he wanted to put it on a site for people to custom order mugs, t-shirts, and stickers with that logo.  We put the design up on a site called Zazzle.  Here's what a shirt looks like.

I've seen other artist friends of mine put their stuff up on sites like Society 6, where their art can be made into shirts, pillows, all kinds of things.  The return for the artist is pretty low, so I never really pursued it.  But, Ramda stuff does sell from time to time, so I figured I'd might as well pop some other designs up there and make a (very) small amount of change.

Here's what I have so far.

The Playful Ninja Mug:

Playful Ninja Cell Phone Case:

Flying Monkey T-Shirt:

And Flying Monkey Mug.

I really like the Flying Monkey T-shirt.  I might have to order one of those for myself.  If you want any of these items, you can just follow the links and buy them from Zazzle.

In other news, it was a lovely Spring-like weekend.  The daffodils are starting to pop up.  I hope it stays warm-ish.   It wasn't much of a winter, but I don't want to sink back into it now.

Magoo and I are experimenting with new bread recipes.  So far we've been moderately successful, but nothing has risen well.  We've made tasty sunken breads.  If we crack the bread code, I'll let you know.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Wizard of Oz Series

Farm House Down         2016         j. c. phillipps

I finished the Wizard of Oz series - Yay!  - and good thing too, because it's going at the Noah Webster Library in March.

Dorothy and Toto              2016            j. c. phillipps

I had a lot of fun with this series, but honestly, narrowing it down to seven images was tough.  I had planned on doing a scene where Dorothy meets the Tin Man and another where they encounter the Lion, but I just couldn't fit them all in.  I don't even have the Wizard in here at all.  There's just too much great stuff in that story.

Scarecrow Points the Way           2015          j. c. phillipps

My favorites are The Scarecrow (above), Follow the Yellow Brick Road (below) and the Flying Monkeys.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road         2016        j. c. phillipps

The Emerald City            2016           j. c. phillipps

I hadn't intended on clothing the monkeys, but when I got into it, I felt they lacked pizazz.
Here are some little striped vests and hats, Monkeys!

Flying Monkeys            2016            j. c. phillipps

Dorothy and the Wicked Witch         2015      j. c. phillipps

If you're around the West Hartford area, the series will be up in the Children's Department of the Noah Webster Library throughout the month of March.  Get a book and check them out!

In other news: it's warm.  It was in the 50's this weekend.  In FEBRUARY!  It feels good, but it's weird.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Busy Week

Hiya!  It's been a very busy week.  Let me tell you all about it!

Last week we had a snow day and a delay - so that put me back on a book project I've been working on.  It's in the final stages of text revision and I really need time alone and quiet to read the text out loud over and over again.

I am also trying to decide on how I'm going to illustrate it.  When I change styles, it always takes some time.  I can see so many potential ways to do the illustrations, it's a bit like having too many choices in the ice cream shop.  They all look so good!  So I'm zeroing down on that process.

I also had a school visit on Thursday.  This was part 2 of a two-day visit.  Day 1 was in December, when I talked to a group of first graders about personal narrative stories.  The kids had their winter break to work on their stories and now they are ready to illustrate.  So Thursday's visit was about illustration, composition, style, consistency, and expressions!

(Above) Some classes did collage self-portraits for their covers.  This was the first time I had ever taught kids to collage self portraits.  All went well until we got to hair.  Everyone has a different hairstyle.  There was no way to do a "unified hair lesson," so I spent a lot of time helping each kid individually on their hair.

(Below) Another class drew their illustrations, so I worked with them on how to make certain expressions.  Here's my "Serious" expression.

Sunday, Valentine's Day, was Magoo's Swim Championship.

Mike and I foolishly thought this might be a shorter event.  We thought Magoo was only swimming in two events and then we could boogy out of there.  But no.  As always, Magoo was in the final event - a relay.  So we arrived at the freezing cold pool arena a little early at 11:30 am and left at the end, 4:30 pm.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, my butt.  Enjoy sitting on this hard wood bench for 5 hours.

But we are so very proud of Magoo!  One, we are proud that he did a team sport this year.  Two, we are proud that he made it through the entire season.  Three, we are proud that he rocked it!  (Above) Here he is the 100 yd Freestyle.

Now we are on Day 2 of February Break.  Magoo just made apple scones, so our house smells sweet and later we're seeing Zoolander 2.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snow - Finally

Last Friday it snowed.

Since it was such a late winter and we were expected to get a decent amount, the schools called a snow day.  Yay!

Magoo and I busted out the sleds and made some paths in the nearby hill.  Then we shoveled our house out.  Then we made cookies.  It was a good day.

Monday was another snow day - which is why I'm late with this blog post.

Monday was less exciting.  At the end of three days off, Magoo was getting a bit bored.  His friends didn't want to hang out.  I had work to do - but it's hard to get much done when your 13 year old is walking around looking for something to do and asks if you want to bake something.

My basic rule of parenting a 13-yr-old boy is that if he asks to spend time with me, I put down what I'm doing and spend time with him.  He's not going to want that forever.

It's been a busy week of fun, catch up, chores, irritations (my cell phone no longer has service for some reason), and work.  I'm off to an author visit in 10 minutes, so I'll sign off.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

MORE Little Clay Houses

Picture books take a long time to make.  A looooooong time.  So I get a lot of satisfaction making quick tiny things.

 I get instant satisfaction and - BONUS - no criticism.

Most of these little houses will be hidden and given away. All I will see is the smiling face of the person who found it.  

I love making picture books, but it's great to have something quick and fun and sweet and all mine to balance that process with.

So, as you will see, I've been making a lot of houses.

All of these houses are made from polymer clay.  Most will be hidden in an art search called Hidden Houses that will take place in West Hartford, CT on April 30th.  If you're local and want to join the hunt, there's a Facebook Event Page now up.  Just look for Hidden Houses.

In other news:
It's way too warm for February 1st.  All the snow has melted and I'm a little bummed.  I like winter to be winter.  But, what can ya do?

Magoo and I saw the movie SPOTLIGHT this weekend.  Great movie - a little boring for a 13 year old - but still great.

Magoo has taken up baking.  He can now make bread, biscuits, and cake-in-a-mug solo.  He needs a little help with bagels.  Last night he experimented and made his own recipe.  They were cupcake-ish. He needs to learn some basics like vanilla extract goes in the batter, not on top like frosting.  But, yanno, you learn more from your mistakes.

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Happy February everyone!