Monday, February 1, 2016

MORE Little Clay Houses

Picture books take a long time to make.  A looooooong time.  So I get a lot of satisfaction making quick tiny things.

 I get instant satisfaction and - BONUS - no criticism.

Most of these little houses will be hidden and given away. All I will see is the smiling face of the person who found it.  

I love making picture books, but it's great to have something quick and fun and sweet and all mine to balance that process with.

So, as you will see, I've been making a lot of houses.

All of these houses are made from polymer clay.  Most will be hidden in an art search called Hidden Houses that will take place in West Hartford, CT on April 30th.  If you're local and want to join the hunt, there's a Facebook Event Page now up.  Just look for Hidden Houses.

In other news:
It's way too warm for February 1st.  All the snow has melted and I'm a little bummed.  I like winter to be winter.  But, what can ya do?

Magoo and I saw the movie SPOTLIGHT this weekend.  Great movie - a little boring for a 13 year old - but still great.

Magoo has taken up baking.  He can now make bread, biscuits, and cake-in-a-mug solo.  He needs a little help with bagels.  Last night he experimented and made his own recipe.  They were cupcake-ish. He needs to learn some basics like vanilla extract goes in the batter, not on top like frosting.  But, yanno, you learn more from your mistakes.

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Happy February everyone!

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Cathy Ballou Mealey said...

Wow - I'd be especially psyched to find one of those cute penguin igloos!

Alas West Hartford is a wee bit too far afield. Hope it is a GREAT event!