Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snow - Finally

Last Friday it snowed.

Since it was such a late winter and we were expected to get a decent amount, the schools called a snow day.  Yay!

Magoo and I busted out the sleds and made some paths in the nearby hill.  Then we shoveled our house out.  Then we made cookies.  It was a good day.

Monday was another snow day - which is why I'm late with this blog post.

Monday was less exciting.  At the end of three days off, Magoo was getting a bit bored.  His friends didn't want to hang out.  I had work to do - but it's hard to get much done when your 13 year old is walking around looking for something to do and asks if you want to bake something.

My basic rule of parenting a 13-yr-old boy is that if he asks to spend time with me, I put down what I'm doing and spend time with him.  He's not going to want that forever.

It's been a busy week of fun, catch up, chores, irritations (my cell phone no longer has service for some reason), and work.  I'm off to an author visit in 10 minutes, so I'll sign off.

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Have a great Thursday!

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