Monday, February 22, 2016

The Wizard of Oz Series

Farm House Down         2016         j. c. phillipps

I finished the Wizard of Oz series - Yay!  - and good thing too, because it's going at the Noah Webster Library in March.

Dorothy and Toto              2016            j. c. phillipps

I had a lot of fun with this series, but honestly, narrowing it down to seven images was tough.  I had planned on doing a scene where Dorothy meets the Tin Man and another where they encounter the Lion, but I just couldn't fit them all in.  I don't even have the Wizard in here at all.  There's just too much great stuff in that story.

Scarecrow Points the Way           2015          j. c. phillipps

My favorites are The Scarecrow (above), Follow the Yellow Brick Road (below) and the Flying Monkeys.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road         2016        j. c. phillipps

The Emerald City            2016           j. c. phillipps

I hadn't intended on clothing the monkeys, but when I got into it, I felt they lacked pizazz.
Here are some little striped vests and hats, Monkeys!

Flying Monkeys            2016            j. c. phillipps

Dorothy and the Wicked Witch         2015      j. c. phillipps

If you're around the West Hartford area, the series will be up in the Children's Department of the Noah Webster Library throughout the month of March.  Get a book and check them out!

In other news: it's warm.  It was in the 50's this weekend.  In FEBRUARY!  It feels good, but it's weird.

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