Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Softies for the Pop-Up Show

As I mentioned in the last post, there's a Spring Pop-Up Show right around the corner.  I probably should be painting small watercolors, but I like to have a variety of fun stuff.  And, since a lot of people bring their kids, I like to have kid stuff in addition to my other artsy fare.

So ... I like to make softies.  It's just plain fun.

What I don't like to do, is make a lot of the same thing.  Oh, I might do two or three of something if the pattern is simple (like the teddy bears.)  But if the construction is at all challenging, then I'm a one and done gal.

There are two things that I like about making softies:
1. I like coming up with the approach of making them.  I like seeing a photo and getting inspired and seeing if I have all the materials and then figuring out how to put it together.
2. I like being able to make one in a morning or afternoon and then have a sense of completion.

Simple fun work.

So even though none of these guys have anything to do with any of my books, I've decided that I'm just going to make whatever I want.  Who cares! 

It's just about having fun!

Sorry I didn't post on Monday.  It had snowed and I was in a sour mood. 
I thought it best to not write a blog post about my bitterness.  :)

But today I have a collection of softies, did some good revisions on a picture book text, and found a $6 dress at The Salvation Army that looks great on me and that I can wear to my next author visit on Friday.  Today rocks!

Thanks for stopping in!
Have a great week!

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