Monday, May 2, 2016

A Sunny Day for Hidden Houses

My artists group, the WeHa Artists Emporium, held our art hunt event this past Saturday.  What a beautiful day!  The whole thing was so dang smooth and lovely, it really could not have gone any better.

Nine local artists made 138 tiny houses and they were really, really cute. The temptation for me to hide a few in my living room was great, but I was good.  All houses made it out into the wild.

The Hiders met at 7:30 that morning.

We had 5 teams, each with a box full of a variety of houses and a section map.  Elizabeth Park is a big place and I can be anal when it comes to organization.  But that makes things go smoothly, right?  I think so.  Anyway, we all knew exactly what section of the park we were hiding in.

One of my little Irish Cottages, in the wild.

Photo by Phyllis Meredith
After hiding, I returned home to man my computer and post the secret location promptly at nine a.m.  Smart Hunters were already dressed and waiting in their cars for their destination.  The Hiders that stayed at the park said that the hunters descended like locusts.  Some people were dropping other people off and then finding parking. 

I waited five minutes at home to see if anyone had any questions on Facebook, then I got on my bike and rode back to the park.  It really is so much fun to watch a place fill up with adults and kids all excited to be hunting for treasure.  I looped back through my hiding zone and gave a couple hunters hot/cold tips.  "You're getting're hot!"  But most of the houses were already found.

Photo by Phyllis Meredith

Photo by Phyllis Meredith

There were even several reports of children giving the houses they found to others who couldn't find one. And more reports came in that kids went home and started making their own houses to add to their little house community.

It's extremely gratifying to spend the morning making people happy and spreading art and inspiration. If you want to see more pics, here's the link to the album on Facebook.

Thanks so much for stopping in!
I hope you had some fun this past weekend too!

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