Monday, June 6, 2016

Celebrate West Hartford 2016

This weekend was our town fair, Celebrate West Hartford.  Mike and I let Magoo loose to create havoc and mayhem with his middle school friends, and we hit the art show.

My friend David Davis Wilson is a fabulous potter.  I could lose some serious cash in his booth, but instead, I choose to build my collection gradually.  I already had the bowl with the houses.  It's my favorite go-to snack bowl.  So I bought the one with the truck this weekend.  I call it my Town and Country set.

If I was rich and had many houses, I would buy a lot more art.  It was a really good showing this year.  Lots of wonderful crafters and art.  I love wood crafts.  I would have loved to find some smaller salad bowls, but we did find this one man, Forrest Doyle, who makes these amazing cutting boards.  

He had a ton of wonderful pieces, but we settled on this one, The Golden Ratio.  Technically, it's a cutting board, but we mounted it on the wall of the dining room because it's really too nice for the mess that we would make of it.  That said, if I'm having a fancy party and need a nice cheese board, I might put it into use.

Later in the afternoon, Magoo called to be picked up.  I met him in a parking lot and saw that he had a GIANT alien with him.

After a failed attempt to deflate it, and trying to fit it into our small car this way and that, this is what we ended up with.

You can imagine the stares and giggles we produced on our way down the street.  That kid's a sucker for inflatable aliens.

Saturday was sunny and great.  Sunday went from overcast to storms.  I hope my artist friends didn't get too soaking wet on Sunday.  (This is why I only do indoor shows.)   But it's also nice for me to be able to enjoy Celebrate West Hartford, because I do love my town and I enjoy celebrating it.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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