Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Art Camp: Week 1

The first week of Art Camp at the West Hartford Art League is over, and they were a great group to get the ball rolling with.  My campers are going into Kindergarten and First Grade, so they are on the younger side.  Most of them are five or six.  But this past group had three four-year-olds and man-oh-man was I nervous about that.

Four-year-olds are sweet, but they are not always ready for art camp.  Some of them can't write their names.  Some of them miss Mom and Dad too much.  Some of them simply can't handle sitting still. But this group was great!  Only one girl was a little weepy and missed Mom, but she only required a small bit of extra pampering and encouragement and she was right back in it.

The theme for the week was Asian Exploration which is one of my favorites because I love the projects and the stories.  Here's what we worked on.

Day 1.  Sumi-E Brush Painting.  We did cats, snails, and mice.

Day 2.  Oriental Vase with Branches.  They blow out black ink to make the branches and dot little bits of pink for the blossoms.  Then we add a collage vase.

This isn't actually a project.  This is morning work.  Sometimes I let the kids free draw.  Other times I have lessons on table tents.  This camper did such a great face from the table tent instructions, I had to take a photo.

Day 4.  Printmaking.  Printmaking is always a big day.  It's difficult for them to understand the concept of carving their image instead of drawing it.  But once we get past that, the pulling of the prints is always a good time.

Day 5.  Wang Yani Monkeys.  I love teaching the kids about the real-life child prodigy artist Wang Yani, who was exhibiting her works starting at age five.  The campers painted some fabulous monkeys this year.

Now I am onto Week 2: African Adventure.  It's a full class.  Twelve new students.  Wish me luck!

In other news, we celebrated Fourth of July this past weekend.  Magoo and I made this cookie White House from a kit we got at Trader Joe's.  Fun!

Hope you had a great holiday (or just a great weekend!)
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