Monday, August 1, 2016

Experimenting with Alcohol Inks

This past week I've been experimenting with a new artistic medium: alcohol inks.  I didn't know they existed until recently, when a woman in our town artists group started hosting classes in them.  Then, another woman who carves beautiful gourds, used some on her work.

Alcohol inks product vivid, dynamic colors, which is what drew me to them.  But they are very different from watercolors or anything I've worked with before.  Very different.

Blue Brown Anemones     2016       j. c. phillipps

For starters, they only work on surfaces that are non-porous.  So watercolor paper is out.  I bought a book that claimed they work on bristol, but I tried that and it wasn't slick enough.  I've been using Yupo paper, which is very smooth and allows the ink to flow and dance over it before the colors settle.

Also, it's taken a bit of practice to learn about how the inks react to the paper, each other, and the alcohol blender solution - which is a must.

Plunge            2016            j. c. phillipps

Every time I make something, I learn a little something new about the medium and its habits.
I also try new ways to manipulate the inks.  Some work out.  Some don't.

The Cavern           2016         j. c. phillipps

But, because the paper is non-porous, I can wipe it near clear with alcohol and start fresh if need be.  That's awesome!  Because there is a big learning curve here and it's difficult to be free when you're concerned about how much the paper you're experimenting on costs per sheet.

Waterfall         2016        j. c. phillipps

It's been fun.  I'm kind of addicted.  And, it allows me to work more abstract - which I really enjoy.
These are my favorite pieces so far.

In other news:
The heat wave finally broke.  Thank goodness!  I do not thrive in heat.

Magoo and I have seen a lot of summer movies.  Here's the grades of the ones we've seen so far:
Finding Dory:  B
Star Trek: Beyond:  B+
The Secret Lives of Pets: C-
Swiss Army Man:  B
Ghostbusters: B
The Jungle Book:  A
Captain America: Civil War:  A-

Hope you're all enjoying your summer.  Happy August!
Thanks for stopping by!

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