Monday, August 15, 2016

Family Reunion

On Saturday, we traveled to Rhode Island for the Gordon Family Reunion.  The Gordons are my mother-in-law's family.  We spend Thanksgiving with our branch of them.  But for this party, it was an even bigger event.  There were cousins there that my husband hadn't even met.

And it would have been lovely - except for the sweltering heat.  Oh my!  The kitchen inside had an AC running, so people would be outside under the tent chatting, drinking, and eating, and they'd have to come inside for 10-minutes of AC break and to get their core body temperature down.

Magoo and I tried to play ping-pong.  Honestly, it was pathetic.  If we volleyed the ball at all, it was a great success.  It was more like this: serve - miss.  Serve - miss.  Serve - hit - miss.

But it was still a lovely time.  And when the food was eaten, those with bathing suits (including myself) journeyed into the pool.  Ahhhhhhh!  For awhile I was nicknamed "the oldest kid in the pool" but soon after other sane adults joined me.

That made all the difference to me.  I think I've said this before - because it's not unlike me to whine - but I don't like the extreme heat.  And MAN the humidity has been torture this time around.  So, before I got into the pool, I wasn't even feeling like myself.  I was oogy Julie. 

And I know I wasn't the only one.

But the pool made things better again.  And I've married into a fun family.  We had a lovely time.

Hope you're all surviving the summer heat!  (Autumn soon!!!)
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shirley said...

Ha! I was recently the oldest kid in the pool, too. This heat + humidity have been brutal. Glad you had a nice time with extended family!