Sunday, September 4, 2016

Magoo's 2nd Open Water Swim

Yesterday, Magoo competed in his second open water swim.  He swam the half mile at the Quassapaug Sailing Club's Open Water Swim.

This is a bigger event than his first open swam, the Pig Iron.  And it's lovely that it worked out that way.  There were fewer people in the water at his first one and fewer people in his division.  It was nice that he got to easy into that way and do really well. 

It was pretty crowded in Lake Quassapaug.

They called the swimmers in one-by-one.  When Magoo's coach, Julie was called in,   Magoo stood by her, getting mentally ready for the race.  (Julie's in the pink.)  He's developed a really nice relationship with Coach Julie.  He has a lot of respect for her.  It's lovely to watch the two of them prepare for the race and cool down after. 

And then they were off!  Open water swimming varies greatly from pool swimming.  For one, you can't see much.  The water is murky.  Then there are all the people swimming around you.  It's not uncommon to get an elbow in the back or a light kick.  Because it was windy, there were slight waves.  Coach Julie warned him going out that he had to position is head in such a way as to not get a mouthful of wave when he came up to breath.

I lost him completely once they were off.   Too many blue caps.  But he did great.  The top swimmers came back after 12 minutes.  Magoo did 16 minutes and 15 seconds.  He was 11th in his division and 45th out of 114 racers.

We're very proud of him - as always - and continually impressed with his athleticism and how he strives to improve.

In other news:
School has begun!  Yay!  Magoo and I hung out a lot this summer and it was great.  But I am happy to get back to large chunks of time to work, and he is happy to get back to learning and friends.  He's in eighth grade this year - king of middle school.  He has good buddies in all of his classes and seems to like his teachers so far.

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Hope all is well with you.

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