Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gearing Up for Finders Keepers

I find myself in a position of juggling several artistic adventures at once.  The Holiday Pop-Up Show is December 10-11, the group show RED goes up in the Noah Webster Library on January 3, and on Thursday, December 1st FINDERS KEEPERS begins.

If you don't know, FINDERS KEEPERS is an artistic rock hunt that we've been doing in West Hartford for three years now.  It was hugely successful the first year, so we've kept it up.  It really is very fun.  We post clues daily as to what rocks are hidden and where they are hidden and people got out and find them.  And it's totally free. 

These are some of the promos I've done to show off the rocks and get people involved.

Seventeen artists participated this year, which really blows me away.  Everyone has been so generous with their time, skills, and paints.  And it's a special thing to do at this time of year, when we all want to come together and give.

So, as always, I'm pretty busy trying to keep all the plates spinning, but I am looking forward to the fun of Finders Keepers this year.

If you're local, sign up for the 2016 Finders Keepers Event on Facebook for clues.  If you're not ... sorry.  (I think you can still peek on the page though.)

Hope everyone had digested their turkey and is now settling into the holiday season.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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