Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Voted!

It's a big day, people!  Very exciting.  I dug through my closet to find the only blazer I own and put together the closest thing I could to a pantsuit to go out and vote for my candidate.  Woo hoo!  Go Hillary!  (In case the pantsuit didn't tip you off.)

I hope you all voted, too.

In other news, Open Studio Hartford is this weekend.

I'm dotting the i's and crossing the t's, packing things up and making my signs.  The weather is supposed to be cold, but clear.  PERFECT conditions for going to an art show.  Now, all I need is a good election, because this is Connecticut.  This is Hillary country.  And if she does not win, people around here will be unhappy.  Unhappy people don't buy art.

I'm hanging my show in a new way this year.  It's always such a bummer to bring a lot of framed work to these shows and leave with a lot of framed work.  Frames are heavy.  Frames are delicate. You can knick them easily and sometimes the glass breaks.  In fact, that just happened.  I was packing up a crate of art from my recent Wind & Water show, and I have a rather large watercolor of two koi.  I propped the painting up against a wall so I could slide the crate into the backseat of my friend's car when a gust of wind came and knocked over the paint.  Crash.  To add injury to insult, when cleaning up the glass, I cut myself.  Then, I bled on my white mat.  It was a comedy of errors.

So that was fun.  (I am fine, by the way.  The cut was not big, but it was a gusher.)

This year, I am bringing far less framed work.  Instead, I am going to run some "clothing lines" along the wall and clamp matted pieces to it.  My idea is that the pieces will be less fragile, less expensive, and more accessible - which I think the Open Studio crowd likes.  And then I can just swap pieces in and out from my standing rack.

Open Studio is THIS WEEKEND.  If you're in the Hartford, CT area, stop on by.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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