Monday, November 14, 2016

Open Studio Weekend 2016

Forgive me for a quick post, but already my to-do list is piling up.  Open Studio Weekend went pretty well.  My good friend Angela Shenk, who I normally sit next to, was sick, so I was all by my lonesome this time.  But - lucky for me - many of my wonderful friends came to see me, support the arts, and commiserate over what is, to me and many of my people, a very disturbing and disappointing presidential election.

And now I must prepare for the NEXT art show.  The WeHa Artists Emporium is having a Holiday Pop-Up Show in December.  Since we're throwing it, there's a ton of organizing to do.  And Finders Keepers is right around the corner.  And now the group is curating the main gallery of the Noah Webster Library so there's that.  And there's a little thing called Christmas right around the corner.  Woosh!

So I'm off to get some things done.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Wishing you a good week.
Stay strong and be kind to each other.

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