Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let's go 2017! Swim, swim, swim!

Hello!  Happy New Year! 

My blog resolution for 2017 is to post twice a week.  Monday (or sometimes Tuesday) I will post more about my personal life activities.  Friday, I will post something professional - mainly picture book related.  Although, potentially, it might be art related depending on what's going on.  Really - the art stuff could fall on either day.

OK.  Let's go.

Swimmers warm up in the pool.
 This past weekend, Magoo competed in a USA swimming competition.  This swim-a-thon was a separate event from his regular swim team, the Waves.  These kids were pretty hard core.  Coach Julie wanted to give her Waves swimmers another opportunity to step-up their game and challenge themselves. 

Cheering on his teammates

Magoo looks pretty hulking here next to the younger swimmers, but there were plenty of big swimmers there too.  When he stood next to those kids, he looked more like my cute little guy from years ago.

Magoo had his first event on Friday night, the 500.  He swam 20 laps. TWENTY!  He did great!  I would have barfed in the pool and drowned after thirteen.

Saturday he swam the 50 Free (which meant that he was at that pool from 7am-11am for a warm-up and a 30 second event.)  And Sunday he swam the 200 IM.  (Two laps butterfly, two laps back stroke, two laps breast stroke, and two laps free.)

Magoo's wingspan

This was a higher level of competition than he's used to and we're really proud of him for doing it.  One of the main things his father and I try to impress on him is that things are worth trying and doing, even if you don't get a ribbon, even if you don't succeed.  And with every thing he tries, he feels a little more confident and a little more proud of himself. 

High five from Coach Julie

Wishing you all a great week and a very Happy New Year!
Thanks so much for stopping in.

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