Friday, January 27, 2017

PBJ: Submissions & Rejections

My current story - let's call it Project: Dog - is currently in submissions.  That means my agent has made a list of editors and has sent the project to them.  It's been out a week and a half.  He sent the project to eight editors, four rejections are in.

Two rejections were in within two days!  (I like a good, quick rejection.  The longer the project is under consideration, the higher my hopes get.  So if a couple people write back immediately with, "Nope.  Not for me."  I think that's great.)

The tough rejections are the ones where the editor really likes the project.  Once an editor held onto two of my projects for months.  The editor really liked them but had some other things going on that the editor had to deal with first, but wanted to hang onto the projects exclusively.  Long story short, after holding them, and giving notes on them, and receiving revisions, it all came to nothing.  That was a crushing blow.  But that which does not kill you ...

Most of the time, when you get a rejection, there will be a small note.  The editor usually lists something they like: the art, the expressions, the humor.  And then they'll say why they're not picking it up: the art, story too slight, it didn't grab them.  It's never fun to get a rejection, but any feedback from a professional is helpful. 

I've started keeping two sets of files.  One file is for the editor.  I collect all the feedback I get from that editor and then I can get a sense of what he/she likes, or if they like me at all.  Obviously, if someone just doesn't get me, it makes no sense to submit to them in the future.

The other file is on the project: where it was sent, when, and the feedback.  So far, out of the four rejections I've received for Project: Dog, there hasn't been one main criticism.  If there is - and sometimes there is - then I can do revisions and correct it before the story goes out for Round 2 of submissions. 

So that's where I'm at.  Getting a load of rejections is always arduous, but it only takes one "Yes."

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