Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March 2017

It was a thrilling Saturday.

Photo by Phyllis Meredith.  I'm the tall one.
I had signed up for the Hartford Women's March (which was really a rally at the capitol) a few weeks earlier, when the count as 1k.  I knew people going down to Washington, but I'm not a traveler. But I still wanted to support this very important cause.  So when I saw they were having a demonstration in Hartford, I jumped at it.  (BTW - I think there were more than five thousand people there.  Some counts have us at 10k strong.)

Then, on Saturday morning, I saw all the posts on Facebook about Women's Marches around the planet.  It was global!  I can't even tell you how touched I was.  For one thing, I felt the support of the world.  We were all standing together.  For another, it made me feel very good that the rest of the world knew what we were doing -- they knew that so many of us were not OK with this president or his administration.  They knew that not all Americans stood for erecting walls, or tearing away people's rights, or revoking health care.  They knew that were we rejecting hate, xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny.

My friends Stefanie and Phyllis stood beside me.  Stefanie made the awesome cat signs.

The atmosphere was wonderful.  So much support.  So many smiles.  We may have come to roar, but we were all filled with enthusiasm and encouragement, it was more like a really loud purr.

To me, this march said very clearly, "We have a voice.  We can organize.  And we're watching you."

Here's some of the art I made for it:

I entered a poster contest.  I didn't win, but I had fun making the art.  I'll be making prints of it.

This is the sign I carried.  The motto is not my own.  I saw it online and loved it.  But as fas as I've seen, I'm the only one who added Cyndi Lauper's face in a pussy hat.  I'm all about the visuals.

After seeing the global marches, I made this design to put on the t-shirt I wore.  Fortunately, it was a glorious day and I could show it off a bit.  (Unfortunately, it was way too warm in January and our current administration doesn't seem to have a problem with that.)

It was a wonderful day and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Thank you so much for stopping by.

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