Friday, February 3, 2017

PBJ: Setting up a Skype Visit

I'm going to be honest with you.  I hate setting up Skype visits.

I don't hate the visits.  I like talking with the kids over my computer.  It's very Jetsons.  But I hate the amount of time that goes into the back-and-forth emails of setting one up.

A quick correspondence is about six emails.  But sometimes there are hassles, or dates need to be moved around, or confusion, and then you can get up to fourteen emails.  Each email takes a few minutes to compose.  I have to make sure to check two calendars, that takes a minute or two.  I proof read my response for accuracy and for errors (I'm writing to teachers, after all.) All the little minutes adds up.  It's tedious.  And not fun.

Normally, throughout the year, I get a request here and request there.  No big whoop.  But with World Read Aloud Day coming up (which I have long since been booked for) I've been getting about 8-12 requests a week!  It's nice to feel the love, but this is what interns are for.

This is how I keep track of everything.  It's my super sophisticated system.  (Har, har.)  I write the visit up on a post-it with the date, time, and teacher info.  Then I mark the Skype on my wall calendar and highlight the day.  Then I write it on two other flat calendars.  A lot of coordination goes into making sure I am where I need to be - even if it's on my computer in my studio.

That's what I've been doing today.  I'm tired.  I'm going to have an afternoon pick-me-up cocoa.

Thanks for stopping in and enduring my whiny author post.
Have a great weekend!

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