Tuesday, February 14, 2017


It snowed.
The new normal seems to be a brown December and January and then we get slammed in February.
The photo above is from Thursday.  I think we got about 15 inches.  It snowed pretty much all day, so we all stayed in and did our thing and enjoyed watching the snow fall outside.

Then, around 3:30, it let up. Between two neighbors with snow blowers and a fourteen-year-old boy, the shoveling was not too bad.

Friday was a regular school day - although it probably should have been a delay.  Around 10 am I drove to Whole Foods, which is about a mile away from my house on a well traveled street, and it was white.  No pavement to be seen.  And slushy.

There was little traffic and everyone was driving slow, but I couldn't believe how bad the roads were.  And I'm not driving around in a truck with snow tires, either.  It was slick.  But I needed hummus, so I soldiered on.

On Sunday, we had another day of snow.  The accumulation was not as much - I think we got 8 inches, but it meant Magoo's swim championship was postponed.  Still, he found time to get a little exercise.  He and his father went outside to make a snow man.  The branches made it look like it's dabbing.

It was supposed to be a very busy weekend.  I had planned to attend the Defend Planned Parenthood Rally on Saturday as well as go to an art show, then Sunday we had the swim meet.  But the weather screwed with most of it, so the husband and I only made it to the art show.

So it turned out to be a rather restful weekend.  And now it's very pretty and wintery.

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