Monday, May 1, 2017

Crazy Busy Art Weekend. Part One: Things With Wings

The Hiding Crew: Hannah, Miss Z, Magoo, Phyllis, Miss M, me and Miss C

PART ONE: Things With Wings Art Hunt

On Saturday morning, the hiding crew gathered at a secret location to hide the 118 items of wing-themed art that was created and donated by local artists.  At 9am, the location was revealed on the web page and we just sat back and watched the people come. 

If you hide it, they will come ...

Well, some of us sat back.  The younger ladies in the group were allowed to run off and find one item.  Magoo helped hide, but he didn't gather.  (If I was smart I would have sent him off to snag something for Mama.  Oh well.)

A tapestry moth by me

A ceramic bee cup by David Davis Wilson

little clay chicken by me

It's really quite a lot of fun to watch the cars arrive and people start looking around for items.  If you're lucky enough to be close by - (and some people guessed the right park and they were close.  One person confessed to doing a drive by, seeing us, and then parking in the far lot so they could hunt as soon as 9am hit.) - then it's pretty easy to find something.  It's like an Easter egg hunt.  Nothing is buried.  But, after 30 minutes, good luck.  After an hour, nope.  It's over.

Here are some lucky finders.

If you're on Facebook, I encourage you to go over and take a look at the albumPhyllis Meredith - who is an amazing photographer - captured some wonderful images.

It was a beautiful day.  Sunny.  Not too hot.  And we all had a great time at this event.  Thank you to all the artists who were so generous with your time and talents.  And thanks to the people who came out to play with us! 

Tomorrow, Part Two: Spring Art Market.


Darlene said...

West Hartford is so lucky to have the best artists! Thank you for these fun events. Phyllis Meredith's photographs were AMAZING!

Julie_c said...

There are a ton of creative people in this town! And wonderful people who come out to our events - like you! Always so great to see you, Darlene.