Monday, September 25, 2017

JCPhillipps on RedBubble

Hi guys!  I've started e a new venture.  I'm selling my work on RedBubble.

"What's RedBubble?" you ask.

RedBubble is a site where artist's can upload their work and then people who like said work can see a wide slew of items that the work can be printed on.  Do you like my koi painting?  You can get that on a shirt, pillow, clock, journal, mug, etc!  I simply upload my art and then I can order a shirt with my own design.  Then, if someone else orders an item, I get a cut.  It's pretty sweet because I don't have to manufacture the goods or ship them.  (And, after having an Etsy shop for a bit, organizing that stuff is really a full-time job.)  I'd rather just create cool art and upload it.

So I did.

You may recall the fabric I made and had printed at Spoonflower with all the faces.  I thought - Hey, that would make a cool shirt.  So I uploaded it and ordered one.  Here I am modeling it as I'm out on the town with my husband.  (It was very satisfying to have the waitress compliment it as we sat down.  Warm fuzzies!)

If you want to go no further and just click onto RedBubble and check it out, go ahead and click here.
Otherwise, I'll walk you through it and some of my designs with links galore.

Basically, this is how it works:  You find a piece of artwork that you like and then you see all the items that it is available on.  Above is my piece called FACES IN THE CROWD on the contrast tank. But it's also available on pillows, t-shirts, iPhone cases, etc.

This is my design CITYSCAPE WITH CLOUDS on a chiffon shirt.  But it, too, is available on a ton of different items.

I've been looking through my art catalog to see what pieces would work on the RedBubble format. Not all paintings do.  Sometimes they are too small or I don't have a good enough reproduction of one.  Sometimes a key elements of the painting would wind up on the shoulder and just look wrong.

Now that I've started this process, I'm starting to design for it.  I made this fun dude, RED BEARDED TATTOO GUY, primarily with a T-shirt in mind.

Here's a look at the RedBubble page for SNOW MONKEY SEES YOUR SOUL.  (On the site, you can scroll up and down to see the different categories of items, like Apparel and Wall Art.  Then, within each category you can scroll left to right to see the specific items.  Once you click on an item, then you can see the different sizes available.)

See.  Lots of stuff.

The other reason I like this is that it has a further reach.  I sell my art at local shows.  So if you live down the block and want to buy one of my pieces, no problemo.  But if I have a friend in California that wants to buy a print, it's kind of a pain.  I don't really have a site set up for selling and then I have to package and ship something.  With RedBubble, I can post my new stuff and people can look and shop and get what they want, be it a t-shirt, or a print, or an iPhone case. So easy!

There are probably some pitfalls that I haven't encountered yet, but so far it's been fun to use RedBubble and I really like the quality of the shirt I've already ordered.  (One more is on the way.) I'll keep you posted.

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Have a great week!

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