Saturday, November 18, 2017

Open Studio Hartford and My Busy Week

Hi all -

Woosh - I have been a busy lady.  Open Studio Weekend went very well.  I had a lot of art there - a lot of people came by - and a lot of art sold.  So, goody, goody.

Here are some pics:
Me and one of my younger fans.  This photo is by my friend Stefanie Marco and she got a great shot of the wall.

My area before the show started.

Full swing.  Shoppers come by to check out my wares.

I packed it all up on Sunday night and went home.  On Monday, I had to go out to a lovely little restaurant, Spicy Green Bean, and take down some of my art that had been hanging and put some new stuff up.

The trick here was that I didn't have time to assemble pieces from Open Studio Hartford.  I had to have this all ready to go early Monday morning.  So a two shows worth of art framed and organized. 

Then, Tuesday through Friday, I've been at a local school doing an Artist-in-Residence program.  This school contacted me in September and asked if I could do a presentation and workshops on Finders Keepers and rock painting.  So I've been busting my hump creating that for two months - but it has been a lot of fun working with the kids and the wonderful teachers.  Here's some pics of that:

Me doing my Finders Keepers presentation on stage.

Then I jump down into the audience to talk to the kids.

I couldn't do a real Finders Keepers hunt at the school because that would have been chaos.  So I did a visual one with slides.
Here's a sampling of some of the rocks that the kids have been painting all week.
I have one more day of the school visit, two days to make art stuff, then it's Thanksgiving.  Then, on Saturday and Sunday, I have another pop-up art show at West Elm.

No rest for the makers at Holiday time!

Thanks so much for stopping in!  Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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