Monday, January 8, 2018

Flying into 2018


2018 is well underway here in Connecticut.  It has been bitter cold, but is a balmy 30 degree day today.  Woo-hoo - break out the bikini! 

It will be calmer in my art room for a few months.  No imminent shows.  Which means I'll have more penciled-in self-imposed deadlines, rather than black-ink calendar deadlines.  I'll be busy - but a manageable kind of busy.

One of the first things coming up is a group show at the Spicy Green Bean (a lovely little restaurant in Glastonbury, CT.)  The theme is FLIGHT.  It took me a little while to settle on what I wanted to do.  I tend to like birds and bugs and things of the like, and I was getting a little overwhelmed at some of the possibilities. 

But then I focused on the venue.  My best show there - to date - has been the Black-and-White show.
I think the black-and-white images look very sharp against the red walls there.  Also, my drawings (rather than paintings or collage) reproduce very nicely and therefore I can have more prints available.  This is a restaurant, after all.  People go in to eat, not to buy art for their mansions.  So more reasonable priced reproduced art sells better than higher priced originals.  Gotta know the market!

So I decided on Steampunk Flying Machines. I don't normally love drawing cars and planes and mechanical things, but Steampunk incorporates a lot of imagination, so it was pretty fun.   I sat down with my pencil, Sharpies, and my Copic greys and got to work. 

Here's the collection.
Airship Zero in the Sky      2017     j. c. phillipps

Bubbleship B           2018             j. c. phillipps

FishCopter               2017               j. c. phillipps

Flying DoDo               2017             j. c. phillipps

OctoBalloon          2017           j. c. phillippps

Snailship 7                 2018                 j. c. phillipps

Steampunk Flying Machines           2018           j. c. phillipps

Twelve-Thirty Blimp          2018          j. c. phillipps  

The ones with the white background are straight up marker drawings.  The ones with a little scenery were put into Photoshop and manipulated there.  FLIGHT doesn't go up until mid-February, so I'm well ahead of schedule - which is much better than being caught up in a last-minute scramble.  :)  Maybe 2018 will be the year of efficiency.

Hope that you all are feeling good at the beginning of 2018!
Thanks so much for stopping in!

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