Monday, January 22, 2018

Women's March, Hartford 2018

This Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the Women's March, so I put on my pink pussy hat, made a new sign* and was proud to march again.

*I didn't actually make a new sign.  This sign reading, Keep Your Laws Away from Our Hoo-Has! is actually from last year's Planned Parenthood march.  That one was cancelled due to snow, so this is the first showing of this sign.  It still works!

Stefanie - my art buddy and protest pal - made a very cool pink pussy power parasol that her daughter carried around most of the time, but I snapped a pick with her holding it.  She's also wearing her Pussy Power shirt that she designed. 

We marched in front of the Capitol and under Hartford's Soldier and Sailor Memorial Arch.  We marched with men and women of different colors and ages.  We chanted.  We sang.  We stood for something good - and it was awesome!

Basically, the same thing happened this year as happened last year; we couldn't get close enough to the front to hear any speakers.  I think they had another technology issue.  But we were still there: still strong, still proud, still ready to use our minds and our voices.

It was a wonderfully kind and encouraging experience that I know was shared across the country.

And, of course, the signs are always awesome.

I hope you are feeling empowered wherever you are.
Thanks so much for stopping in!

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